The JFDI (Joint Friday Developer Initiative... of course) was setup at our work to help teams schedule breakout training events.

This made planning easier projects as it guarenteed a slot when most of the developers would be unavailable. It also helps developers use up their alotted time for Personal Development


Licence Detection

As we enter the world of licencing software, we need to start looking more and more at how software is licenced.

Currently after a licence is checked it is assumed to be the truth, but what happens when it is no longer available or the licence it says it is isnt the licence it actually is.



I have been doing a lot with DSC in my normal work time, so this felt like a good point to keep extending on what I was already doing.

I made some interesting discoveries about how the mof handles credentials and how this can stop a script function from working.


Cognitive Services

During this JFDI I took a look at the congnative services provided in Azure, I tried out the component that returned key words from a sentance.

I also tried the sentiment service, which is supposed to return a value between 0 and 1 depending on how happy or sad (or something like that). So I put in a tweet by the Dalai Lama, and got a 0?

Update (2017-09-05): I made a break through, I was using the wrong api against my sentiment services!


Bing Map API

I wanted to look at how to behave with map apis, I had an idea about reading images at coordinates and then parsing them for objects