tools: I cannot spell or do grammar good!

I don’t think that I write that well, and I generally just type and type until something looks ok, then I have to go back and review what I have typed to make sure it makes sense, using a tool like Grammarly helps with that.

It doesn’t improve your writing but it does clearly show up any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, the spelling mistakes will provide a well thought out list of options, and for me, it is clear enough that I can leave it and come back to it later. This I feel allows me to carry on with just typing out my ideas and then going back and reviewing the clear violations of the Engish language that I have just put on a page.

I often find myself right-clicking which is the default behaviour for the Chrome spell checker, but I am getting used to the left click actions they provide.

With WordPress with chrome extension

I have sometimes noticed that the choice I make isn’t always selected, so it sometimes takes an extra go to get it to apply the grammar police correctly. I also think it might be the refresh rate of the sites I use that don’t understand that I have changed something.

Other options

Grammarly also comes with some extras that you can add to office and word, chrome, and just as a stand alone desktop application.


It doesn’t make me write better, but I think it gives me more freedom to just type. I actually used it on this blog post!